Sunday, 15 May 2011

Alcohol Alchemy: Opposing the increased price of booze in Scotland

Take a Liberty ( Scotland ) opposes any increase in the price of alcohol in shops and supermarkets. We believe that any action taken by the government to increase the price of alcohol is illiberal and patronising and should be opposed. Using extreme examples of violence or alcoholism to justify increasing the price of alcohol for everyone is irrational and ends up treating all adults, and especially poorer people whose drinks are generally targeted, as children. Blaming an inanimate object or drug for social problems is infantile and is illustrative less of a political elite with a sense of purpose than one that lacks depth or a serious belief in developing society or the individuals in it. Increasing the price of booze and assuming this will change society is a form of alchemy. Worse than this it degrades the public and undermines further the idea that people must be free to make decisions and take responsibility for themselves.

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