Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sign The Petition Against The Offensive Behaviour In Football Bill

(and leave your email open for the organiser of the petition at the petition site if you want to be contacted about events that will be organised to stop this bill).

Articles written by signatories of the petition against the Offensive Behaviour at Football Bill.

Kevin Rooney No free speech for football fans

Stuart Waiton Anti Bigot Bigots

Tom Miers Censorship enters the terraces


  1. What ever happened to 'sticks and stones'..which we taught kids. Now we have to police 'name-calling'! next step along this path is the banning of effigies like Islam fundamentalists.
    It's all so simple- if no-one is physically abused- then where is the crime?
    Are we not adult enough to rise above being hurt by name-calling and hand gestures?

  2. Dr Waiton is fighting a very important battle for us all in Scotland. This legislation is driven by international forces that are offering an illusory security in return for a radical encroachment on ancient liberties.